Down The Path Of Motherhood, The Teenage Years

By Sylvia Krzanowski

Motherhood can often feel overwhelming and isolating. With society’s expectations of an ideal mother, it is all too easy to forget who we were before we became a parent. This loss of identity can often lead to frustration and anger, which creates turmoil at home. Teenage years are especially challenging for moms, as we continue to parent out of fear, controlling our teens thinking we are protecting them.

In Down the Path of Motherhood – The Teenage Years, Sylvia shares how letting go and giving up control, as well as disregarding judgement and criticism, you can redefine motherhood on your terms. Learn how to allow your kids to live their life and begin to live yours. How to love your teens in most unlovable moments and stop blaming yourself for the decisions they make. By reuniting with your own personal strength, you can allow your teenagers to experience consequences of their behaviors and become empowered leaders.

Sylvia Krzanowski is a wife, mother of 4, author, and speaker. She supports mothers in finding more joy, and helps them create a life they love living.