Thank you so much for this space to connect and share. I have applied what we spoke about yesterday and the morning routine with my son was a smooth one. Small changes made so much difference.

~Melissa A.

I was so fortunate to find Sylvia’s coaching during a very difficult time in my life. My 22 year old step son moved into our home due to substance abuse challenges.  Dynamics in our home were uncontrollable. Sylvia gave me tools that helped my perspective of our situation. She gave me clever ways to have conversations through questions vs attacking/reacting. LIke magic, her help diffuse situations. Thank you Sylvia.

~June G.

I am so grateful for your help when we had a problem with our son. The advice you offered – priceless ! Sharing your experience and great tips allowed us to solve the problem without medications and prolonged therapy.

~Kate T.